A2k 2ollux
asdfghjkl -huggles you because i missed you-

*hugs* You can alway2 fiind mun on becauseraiinbow2that2why

Okay guy2 gue22 who the fuck2 back?
"sol are the anons about you and kar breakin up true?"

Yep. They are.


sorry guys but I really cannot keep up this account. Most of what’s in my inbox is shit and idk i just don’t have the time. By now honestly i can barely care about such an unsuccessful account. I’m not even a good account. So if you need me I’ll permanently be at my main, Becauserainbowsthatswhy.tumblr.com

) (ey Sollux! ) (ow are you? 38D

Good, II’ve been really bu2y lately

2o II’ve been doiing 2hiit and 2tuff.

II miight not bee on here for a whiile 2o feel free two go onto my ca2ual blog and talk ((roleplay)) wiith me. II’m really bored and mii22 you guy2 but untiill 2chool end2 II’ll bee maiinly on my cau2ual blog. 2orry guy2.

==> sigh "sol, wwhats wwrong wwith me red wwise?"

What do you mean?

) (ey Sollux! 38D

Hey Feferii! What’2 up?

i wwont leavve her, its just evvery time i try to talk to her she causes harm to either herself or me

II’m 2ure 2he doe2n’t do iit on purpo2e

Hey Sollux. What up?

Ju2t fiinii2hiing 2ome piicture2 for a2k2 and 2uch